Leave the Memory Behind

   photo of “1968 Abortion Rights demonstration, NYC” by Bev Grant
Kelley Rourke, words
John Glover, music

Feel his weight, taste the blood as his fist connects with my chin

Feel his hate – cold and impersonal – I’m nothing to him.

Then let me be nothing, let this moment be nothing, I can will it from my mind

Leave it here by the road. Leave the memory behind.

Start again, write a new story, choose a name and construct a past.

Shed my skin, glide into the next life, however long it lasts

Another small town, another small room, another job in a kitchen somewhere

Let the past fall away and it’s like I was never there.

Let the past fall away, leave the memory behind.

No one blinks, nobody questions who I am or where I’ve been.

Let them think whatever they think, just accept it and settle in

Every yes holds a no, every choice a rejection, another future never to be

And whatever it is – will be –

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All tracks recorded at Merkin Concert Hall (Kaufman Music Center) on May 12, 2021 by the following artists. Photo of “G.I.’s Against the War” by Bev Grant.

Justine Aronson as Mary/Caroline
Amy Justman as Louise
Paul Pinto as Nash
Tim Russell as Bobby/Jason
Jonathan Woody as Henry

Mila Henry, music director and piano
Abi Fayette, violin I
Rachel Shapiro, violin II
Jessica Meyer, viola
Andrew Yee, cello
Shayna Dunkelman, drums
Liz Faure, guitar

Mike Gurfield, producer
Merkin Concert Hall at Kaufman Music Center:
Ken Feldman, engineer

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