I met Dennis Wilson once

Kelley Rourke, words
John Glover, music
I said I met Dennis Wilson once.
It was 1979, I think. In a bar. In Venice Beach.

This good-looking man walks in
linen shirt, unbuttoned –
He’s very tan, and very trim,
and there is something so familiar about him.

There’s a bloat around his eyes,
scraggly beard, uncombed hair –
His feet are bare, wide and dirty
and there is something so familiar about him,
so familiar, and so handsome.

He sees me looking,
comes over, sits down.
He says “I’m Dennis”
asks if I want a drink
I’m not hiding very well my thrill.
He asks if I want to dance.

It was somehow a sweet moment
the afternoon light –
the innocent song –
this sad guy swaying with me.

The world was going from bad to worse.
I had been in LA way too long.
Ronald Reagan had just become president.
But America was still a place
where you could dance with a barefoot rock star
in a nowhere bar
in the middle of a weekday afternoon.

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All tracks recorded at Merkin Concert Hall (Kaufman Music Center) on May 12, 2021 by the following artists. Photo of “G.I.’s Against the War” by Bev Grant.

Justine Aronson as Mary/Caroline
Amy Justman as Louise
Paul Pinto as Nash
Tim Russell as Bobby/Jason
Jonathan Woody as Henry

Mila Henry, music director and piano
Abi Fayette, violin I
Rachel Shapiro, violin II
Jessica Meyer, viola
Andrew Yee, cello
Shayna Dunkelman, drums
Liz Faure, guitar

Mike Gurfield, producer
Merkin Concert Hall at Kaufman Music Center:
Ken Feldman, engineer

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